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Payment Gateways

If you’re looking for the best payment gateway provide, Card Payment Advice can offer free, and impartial, advice to help you get the best for your business!

The only way to be successful as an eCommerce business is to keep a very tight control over your finances. Including the systems you use to handle payments received from your growing customer base.

It’s also an important part of your efforts to make customers feel secure and confident in doing business with you. If they feel you are well organised and efficient in the way you take payments, it’s bound to have a positive impact on their willingness to buy your products or services.

The best way to achieve all of this is to use an online payment gateway that is not only cost-effective but also configured to match the needs and expectations of both your business and your customers.

What is a Payment Gateway?

In order to take payments from customers online, you need a system embedded in your website or app to handle credit and debit card transactions. This is called your payment gateway.

This is a piece of software that links your digital basket to the merchant services provider who handles money received by your business. Your payment gateway encrypts data, then sends it to your bank or another financial organisation for verification. As soon as the transaction is authorised, your payment gateway is notified and the order process can be completed. Increasingly sophisticated

This software is becoming increasingly more advanced and the options are extensive. There are payment gateways that can handle an increasingly diverse range of types of transactions. This includes, for example, Apple Pay, electronic transfer of funds and Bitcoins.

Some e-commerce companies prefer a simple more straightforward payment gateway that fulfils all their basic transaction requirements without additional extras. Other enterprises want a more sophisticated piece of software, that can grow with them, offering the potential for future developments and additional services.

How do you Find the Right Payment Gateway

You may be wondering which payment gateway is the best fit for your online enterprise.

To be honest, that can be a puzzle, with so many options to choose from. Many appear to offer a similar service, but the devil can be in the small print.

That’s why we have developed an insightful and intuitive service to advise businesses on the best payment gateway for them. This is free, independent advice. The solutions we suggest will be designed around the best fit for you, as our consultancy advice is impartial.

Recommendations on the best payment gateway for your business will be based on capturing your needs and preferences. Within minutes, we can then provide you with profiles of payment gateways matched to your specific transactions.

This will include insights on any setup costs and fees, but also any terms and conditions which apply. That way, you can choose a payment gateway in a stress-free, transparent way. And it is possible to quickly have your system for taking payments up and running.

To get free, impartial, advice to find the best payment gateway for your online business contact Card Payment Advice today!

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